Boat and Yacht Insurance

Like any other major investment, boats and yachts need the right amount of insurance coverage. Great Lakes Insurance can offer you peace of mind by offering a wide range of specialized marine coverage.

Boat and yacht policies can provide coverage for:

  •     Physical Damage caused by a collision with a submerged object or another vessel
  •     Liability for bodily injury or damage to the property of others
  •     Damage to personal property on the boat
  •     Gas Delivery, towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded
Boat Insurance Features

An insurance policy can come with plenty of options for specialized coverage, such as Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, Total Loss Replacement, and more. Boat insurance covers many different kinds of boats. We can offer insurance to but not limited to personal water crafts, jet boats, sailboats, fishing boats, and house boats.